Holy Week Devotional — “Your Sorrow Will Turn To Joy”

Good Morning FBC Family,

In my sermon yesterday, I made you the promise of a blog post today. I will make it short and sweet. We have to fight hard to be in the Word and to keep a godly perspective these days. Everyone is at home. Everyone is in transition. Everyone has social media. Everyone has an opinion. As God’s people, let’s make a commitment to listen to God first by spending time reflecting on His Word! So on Monday of Holy Week, what is your plan? If you already have a plan to immerse yourself in the Word, that’s fantastic! If not, let me suggest a free online resource to get your week started off in a godward direction.

This is a free resource available from Desiring God and Crossway. Simply click the link below and you will have the option to read online as an ebook, or download the pdf to your computer or device. You can even go “old school” like me, and print it out and put it in a binder. I pray this will be a blessing to you church family. Whether or not you use this particular devotional matters very little to me. What matters most is that you are in the Word, filled up with God’s truth, and ready to hold it forth to those in need. Keep seeking Jesus!

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Kevin Weldon


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